A ‘Sip and See’ reminds me why the chance to see, even in short fleeting moments, matters.


I just returned from a very brief overnight trip to Minneapolis where I flew in with my sister to surprise our brother and sister-in-law for our new niece, Maeve’s ‘Sip and See’. My sister-in-law grew up in Minneapolis and her mom’s close friends started this wonderful tradition of hosting Sip and Sees for their children’s babies. The women take turns hosting, each bringing a dish to compose a beautiful brunch all while the little guest of honor gets passed around and showered with adorable gifts. My sister and I were touched to be included in the event and decided it would be nice to make a surprise appearance even if we could only get away from our own families for a night.

Time seemed to suddenly stop over our 24 hour visit to Minneapolis. Spring was in full bloom on the lakes and we spent our visit ogling over my doll of a niece and just hanging with my brother, sister-in-law and her family. I so appreciated seeing my brother and sister-in-law in this moment as new parents, knowing that next time I see them Maeve will be twice as big and no longer a newborn.  I kept thinking to myself that this was one of those fleeting life events that while in no way was it obligatory that we attend or was there any expectation that we would – we just showed up.

As I was talking to the hostess of the sip and see, I realized she knew and lived very close to one of my very good, old friends. Our visit to Minneapolis was so short, I hadn’t planned to see my friend but when I realized the connection, I sent a quick text inviting her to come see us at the event.  My friend herself is the mom of three little ones and again while there were no expectations that I would see her – with two kids in tow she just showed up.

I returned home from my quick weekend getaway to Minneapolis with the fullest heart. My 24 hour visit with my niece and family and five minute catch up with an old friend served as a reminder that despite life moving at such a frantic pace and all of our efforts to stay in touch by phone, email and social media – showing up matters. All the virtual contact in the world will never replace the feeling of holding a newborn baby and breathing in her newborn smell or the warmth of an old friend’s hug.

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