What is a Balabusta?

A Balabusta is a Yiddish word describing a good homemaker but more than that, she is the spiritual guide that gives strength and sustenance to her family.

Hosting is something I’ve loved doing since I was a little girl. I have vivid memories of elaborate tea parties I would prepare for my dolls at the age of three. I’ve realized that hosting and all that comes along with it including the planning, the cooking, setting the mood and table and most importantly doing it for people I love and want to spend time with is a true passion of mine.

I derive so much pleasure from the entire process of creating gatherings small and large, from hosting book club, to Sunday brunch, to baby showers and bachelorette parties, to Jewish holidays, to fundraisers, to kids birthday parties or the spontaneous playdate.  Hosting for me whether it’s dinner for my family or a 40th birthday party is my creative outlet.  I love having something to plan for, an event to look forward to and an excuse to bring people together in my home.  I know that this sentiment is not shared among most people today, the art of the dinner party has been long forgone for grabbing a quick bite or drink after work, in between crazy work and travel schedules, making it home to kiss kids goodnight and when there is time, relaxing on the couch and checking in with social media.

Through the past few years as we have continued to settle into our lives with kids and our own routine, I’ve found that I crave a sense of community and connecting with others even more than before. For me, nothing can replace bringing people together in a room or setting, sharing good food, drinks and conversation. I have continued to try and do this both formally and informally and while yes, it takes work and some planning it can also be very spontaneous. My hope for this blog is that through sharing some of my own experiences playing hostess including how I plan a menu, recipes I love, how to feed a crowd and tips to make it all a littler easier, I can encourage and inspire others to do the same!